Sample 3D text in CATIA example


Text Sketcher description

Text Sketcher:
    • Utilizes any TrueType (.ttf) outline or stroke font installed in C:\Windows\Fonts, regardless of language.
    • Includes a stroke (single line) font from - OLFSimpleSansOC-Regular.ttf.
    • Creates any Unicode character: a b c A B C ñ è È 0 1 2 3 © ® ™ ¢ $ € £ ± ¼ ½ ¾ Ø » etc.
    • Contains a dynamic text box to preview fonts.
    • Contains options to set the size and spacing (kerning) of text.
    • Contains an option to set the number of points per spline.
    • Contains a smoothing algorithm so character paths maintain G1 tangent curvature continuity.
    • Generates text as editable spline and line geometry within a sketch. See an example image.

Text Sketcher Graphical User Interface (GUI)