FAQ page 3D text in CATIA example


Text Sketcher description

How do I unlock the text box input?
By purchasing a license. The license information will be emailed to you immediately after purchasing.

Do you offer discounts for purchasing licenses in bulk?
Yes. 1 license is $20. The bulk discounts are:  2-9=25%    10+=50%

Will I have to pay for future versions?
No. Once you purchase a license it is valid for all future versions. There are no subscription, service, or hidden fees. There is no fee for transferring the license to a new machine. The license cannot expire.

How do I install the license?
While running Text Sketcher click the "Activate License" button in the lower right hand corner. Copy & paste the license information from the email and then click "Activate".

How do I change the location of the text?
Right-click on the sketch in the CATIA tree. Go to "Text Object" and then click "Change Sketch Support". Change the planar support from "Sliding" to "Positioned". Click in the input box below to change the support from the "yz plane". The "Sketch Positioning" dialog box gives you additional options to change the origin and orientation of the sketch.

How do I make single line text?
In the Text Sketcher folder there is a file called OLFSimpleSansOC-Regular.ttf. Install this file in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder and restart the TextSketcher.exe. You should now be able to select OLFSimpleSans from the list. Make sure the "Font Type" is set to "Single Line Font" then click "Create". Additional single line fonts are available at onelinefonts.com.

Where can I download free outline fonts?
fontspace.com    dafont.com    1001fonts.com    eaglefonts.com

Why does it say "CATIA Unreachable"?
First, is CATIA installed on a local directory such as C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes or is it being run remotely from a server? In order for applications to communicate with one another (i.e. Text Sketcher and CATIA) they publish a COM (Component Object Model) interface that other applications access. Make sure Text Sketcher and CATIA are installed on the same machine. Second, have you had multiple instances of CATIA installed on your machine at the same time and later uninstalled one of them? For example, if you installed R18 and then R20 you would have two overlapping installations, but when you uninstalled one the uninstaller removes the registry entries for CATIA. Without the proper registry entries COM interoperation does not work, thus Text Sketcher is unable to access CATIA. You can run this tool to check for the proper registry entries CATIA_COM_Registration_Inspector.zip. If it fails, the fix is to reinstall CATIA in order to restore the deleted registry entries.

Why is it deployed as a .zip file instead of an installer?
Many users do not have administrative rights on their computer in order to install software. Also, users can be wary of installers because they do not know exactly what is being installed.

What is the format of the resultant text?
Editable spline and line geometry within a sketch. See an example image.

Can it create text on a curve?
Not yet. With the current version you have to create the text and position it manually along the curve.

Can it process languages like Arabic?
No. It will create the characters, but they will not be connected nor will they read right to left. Certain languages combine the characters into one when written together. It will process the characters separately left to right.

What release of CATIA is it compatible with?
CATIA V5R16 through V5-6R2012.

What operating system is required?
Windows® XP, Vista, 7, or 8 with the free .NET 3.5 Framework or greater installed.